Good evening and welcome,

With six weeks to go before leaving my day job, the excitement of starting the new company has surpassed the urge to keep quiet and carry on with the day to day stuff. So the blogging is starting.

So first off an introduction, my name is David Evans, I’m 32, I live in London. I’ve been working in the games industry for nearly 9 years. First at Rebellion and then at Sony’s London Studio, both of which have been awesome to me.

What’s this all about then?

Code Amplifier is a new software company, we make tools for professional video game developers. My plan is to make great, but simple, tools which make our users lives easier. The tools will be laser-focused at game developers who often have to put tools that are hacked together for a project and then thrown away at the end, only to be re-hacked for the next project. Hopefully I can make a bunch of over-worked game-devs a little happier with my work.

This is the official company blog, I’m talking inspiration from Peldi over at Balsamiq and I want to document as much of the starting up process as possible. Both for me and for any interested parties. Web development and developers seem to be much more at home posting there useful or useless musings on the internet and I want to bring a little of that attitude into the gamedev community. Though of course now, it’s likely that I’ll be doing far more web development that actual game development.

Code Amplifier is my company and currently it’s only me, but I’ve got loads of friends and colleagues who I know will be there to help me on the way. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some wickedly talented people over the last 9 years and if I can tap only a fraction of their skill and knowledge to help me, then I’m sure I’ll have no problem succeeding.

How can you help?

I want Code Amplifier to be a modern 21st century company. Which means I want to be as open as I can be, and I want to be in touch with you lot. So please get in touch, use the comments, email me or follow me on twitter, daredevildave or codeamplifier

Speak to you soon.

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