Mission Statement

You may have noticed that the first post on this blog is quote from me. That’s a little pompous you probably thought. Well, yes, maybe, but I thought it was a nice way of starting the blog off with the company mission statement. When I first thought about starting a company I never dreamed there would be a company mission statement, but I was listening to Simon Sinek’s TED talk:

Where he talks about Starting with the Why? when creating and marketing a product. After listening to this I immediately sat down and tried to put down why Code Amplifier should exist and the first thing that came out was this statement:

Code Amplifier believes that making games is too slow, too hard and too expensive.

We believe that great games are made by the people with great tools, and we know that you don�t always have the time to make tools as good as they can be.

So Code Amplifier makes tools for you that will make your team happier and more productive. Which means that your product will be finished more quickly, more easily and for less money.

I’m particularly happy with the part about making tools that will your team happier. It really sums up why I wanted to start Code Amplifier. So I’ve adopted it as a mission statement and hopefully it will give everyone else a feeling for what I want to do, and why I want to do it.

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