Monthly Archives: September 2010

Farewell, Sony

Today is my last day at SCEE London. It’s been a blast. 7 years that changed me from a green AI programmer to slightly jaded, but hopefully seasoned professional. SCEE London is a excellent place to work and the PlayStation Home team is a world-class collection of talent, working to create an innovative product. Despite […]

No GDC talk

Sadly, my GDC  ’11 talk wasn’t accepted for the next phase. Never mind, I’ll probably turn it into a few posts for this site. So hopefully the preparation I did will be useful. I don’t feel too bad knowing that I’m in good company with rejections.

Reading List: Multi-Tenancy

As promised here is the trail I made while reading up on Multi-Tenancy. One of the initial architectural decisions that I need to make is whether to run as a single-tenant ( One database per client ) or a multi-tenant ( Each database has many clients ). My initial thoughts were multi-tenant, to save on […]


Just discovered another well established competitor for the first product I’ve got planned ( announcement coming in a few weeks ). I’ve only found two direct competitors, but that has made me much more nervous, when I first started planning this I couldn’t find any information about people doing the same idea. However, as I […]

Reading lists

I’m a veracious consumer of information, particularly reading and podcasts. When I’m gearing up to write a bunch of new code in an area which I know little about I try and read up on it as much as possible. This is especially true at the moment as I can’t do any real coding until I’ve left […]