Just discovered another well established competitor for the first product I’ve got planned ( announcement coming in a few weeks ). I’ve only found two direct competitors, but that has made me much more nervous, when I first started planning this I couldn’t find any information about people doing the same idea.

However, as I keep reading, competition is good. It validates the market – if people are buying their product then there are people willing to buy my product. Still it’s a terrifying prospect to launch something and have everyone say “Oh, we’re already sorted, thanks to company X”. I find myself switching moods daily between “the market is validated, everyone will love my new tool” to “the goldrush is over, everyone has what they need, you’re years too late”. I really wish I’d started on this 12 months ago!

Interestingly, the two competitors have been around for very different timescales. The one I found out about a few months ago is just launching now, so is going to be in a similar boat to me. New, young, product looking for traction. The other company has been around for 10 years; their product is on version 4 and they look to be much more established.

However, in the 10 years I’ve been working in the games industry, I’ve never heard of them. Which makes me think that this area is still open for new products and services.

Like mine.

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