Thursday Night Update

Thursday is my blogging day, I’ve got a recurring quest in Epic Win ( 912 miles travelled, Level 3 skeleton thing, thanks for asking ) and I mean to stick to it. So weekly progress reports are going to be the default unless I get particularly inspired. Incidentally, for the rest of my schedule, Monday to Thursday are full time Code Amp, Friday is fun day when I try out other ideas and work on the iPhone game ( at least until Code Amp takes off and I have more external commitments ) – it’s sort of my Google 20% time.

This week:

Still moving into the new house, the office was ready for Monday morning, but we’re still in a sea of boxes. Most of Monday was spent running network cables, getting the new router ADSL router working, setting up computers and shelfs and unpacking. Tuesday I finally got to do some work, but there was also a lot of unpacking.

Yesterday I switched my existing code base from Subversion running on my shared hosting Dreamhost account to Mercurial on Bitbucket. Subversion has done me no wrong in the last year or so, but it is very much a baseline tool, and having really got to grips with Perforce at Sony for the last 5 years or so, Subversion just doesn’t seem as powerful. I’m so used to working with multiple branches, one for each release, a user branch for my work and feature branches for larger re-workings or new features that Subversion clunky merging put me off too much. So one of these new fangled Distributed Version Control Systems was needed. I tend to be a bit stubborn and contrary so Git‘s popularity was a bit of a turn off, though I’m very impressed with github and jealous of some of the features ( in particular the ‘gists’ which would be useful to use on this blog ). Β Also as a bit of a python fanboy I decided Mercurial was the one for me and so far it has been incredibly straightforward. I activated the convert extension and the used hg convert command to switch all my subversion repositories to mercurial ones. I still miss p4v and perforce, but I’m not able to fork out the $700s a license just yet, and without the heavy binary demands of a game it’s not so critical.

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between my Powerbook and my new(ish) desktop running Ubuntu for my main development machine. I haven’t used a GNU*/linux machine for development before but I’m really impressed. Today I install Aptana and for the first time ever I’ve been running my Pylons website and have the ability to put a breakpoint in and stop it in a debugger. I honestly thought I was going to be doing all my development using print statements from now on. So I think the powerbook is going to be taking a rest except for my daily mining excursion as it doesn’t seem to like the linux machine.

Tomorrow, I’m off to the accountants to get the company incorporated and any other gumph that needs doing. Remember I said Friday was the fun day, I’m pretty sure the M4 at 9am is not going to be fun. πŸ™

* Let’s try and keep Mr Stallman happy, he’s done the computing world a great service so I’m happy to bow to this small ask.

2 Responses to Thursday Night Update

  1. Marcin G. says:

    Hey Dave,

    I’m tempted to check out Aptana now(though Eclipse does it’s job with PHP and I can work on Android apps in the same environment), what’s your experience so far?

    Anyway, good luck with your new company. I’m kind of in the same boat now, having a break from working for others to focus on my products. Though I don’t think we’re gonna have to compete just yet πŸ˜‰

    • dave says:

      Hey Marcin,

      I’m still using Aptana, I tried Eclipse before but the install process just seemed to be a little bit too linux-y for my liking πŸ™‚ I had a look at EasyEcplise too but that wasn’t much better. So far Aptana has been fine, I’m finally able to debug my python properly it’s been great. As far as I can tell it’s just Eclipse with the problem areas ironed out. Though there could be more to it than that.

      Good luck to you too, and thanks for being the first commenter πŸ™‚

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