The Office Revealed

Philippa and I moved house a couple of weeks ago and part of the move was to make sure I could have a productive work environment, so the house we’ve picked was chosen in part for the home office environment. Here are a couple of pictures of the state of the office two weeks in…

Office Desk View

Office Desk View

My office is on the second floor in the converted attic. In this picture you can see:

The MacBook Pro – not getting much use at the moment apart from the odd Minecraft game

(Hidden behind desk) Ubuntu desktop – My main development machine

Monitor – Primary screen for the desktop, secondary for the Mac. It’s a Samsung SyncMaster, and I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that it’s a bit shit. I’ve found that light colours come out very light and it seems impossible to find a set up where I can see light greys/yellows and not have the whites look dimmed down. My second monitor won’t be one of these

Big ole’ PC desktop – I am looking after this for a friend who is in South Africa for a year. It hasn’t been booted yet, but I’m sure it’ll come in useful for Windows testing, if I can stop Philippa stealing it as a games machine.

MacMini – An old G4 MacMini which is running Ubuntu. This has no keyboard or monitor connected, I’m just ssh-ing in and using as a build server running BuildBot.

ReadyNAS NV+ – A four disk RAID server which is the media server for the house.

Extra router – Amazingly the wireless reaches the attic from downstairs, but most of the hardware here needs a wired connection, so I’ve got this spare router acting as a three-port switch. I’m going to have to get another one if I want to connect up the Big ole’ PC though as I’m already out of ports.

Aeron Chair – Absolute essential for spending 10 hours a day at the desk. This is another loan from my friend in South Africa.

Rubber Duck and Mod Nation Racer – Man Dolls left over from the SCEE days.

Cables – Everywhere.

And to show that the move is still work in progress here is the view in the other direction

Office Box View

Office Box View

Here you can see:

Boxes – Thousands of them

Sniper – The cat

Filing – That pile of paper on the floor. 🙂

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