Thursday Update

Friday, already?

Wow, another week, that has gone really fast. Beautifully summed up by this tweet:

Sums it up nicely!/zssz/status/27435575863

I don’t have much to talk about this week as I’ve been head down and coding solidly for the last five days. I’ve embarked on a large re-factor of the code which I knew I’d have to do, but it’s been three days in now and all the automated tests are still failing. Half of me wants to ignore all the tests and push on just to get something out, but I know that I’m going to be heavily reliant on them once I’m launched. There simply isn’t going to be the time and money available for a large human QA department. So I’m putting the work in now, and sure it’ll save me time in the future. This sounds familiar, didn’t I say exactly the same thing last week? It’s going to turn into a mantra: “Do the work now, save time later”.

Lean Tech Hubbub

On Friday last week on the spur of the moment I popped back into London to visit the TechHub co-working space. Eric Ries of the Lean Startup Movement was in for a flying visit and he gave a good talk about the Lean Startup Basics. I’d heard most of his stuff before in various other talks, but still it’s nice to see him in person, and I hung around a bit to have a chat with a couple of friends who are doing various startup type things: Jos from HipSnip and Paulina from Inensu.

The ‘one thing’ that I took away from that talk though was a slide near the beginning that said:

Don’t waste peoples time

In other words, don’t spend a year building something that no one wants. These talks will almost never give you practical information that you can act on ( “Do X and you’ll succeed”, it just doesn’t work that way ), but sometimes there will be ‘one thing’ that sinks in and just bumps you onto a slightly different course.

In this case, that one slide has driven home the need to get my stuff out there into the public. Especially because in my case the people in that sentence is me and I’m not planning on wasting any of my time. I have a million ideas and if this one doesn’t work, then I want to get on to the next one as soon as possible.

I’m still a little way off from having the front end in a state that makes it worth showing to people, but the aim is to have a working version before the end of November.

Back to work then.

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