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Hi folks, very little to talk about this week, I’ve been toiling away on the front end of the web app with little chance to find anything interesting to talk about. To paraphrase the old saying “If you haven’t got anything interesting to say, don’t say anything at all”.

This week all I’ve got is to leave you with a rather large summary of the Business of Software conference that I read earlier in the week. Written by Patrick McKenzie, who runs the MicroISV on a shoe string blog, this post is full of stellar advice taken from the 3 days of talks at this years conference.

“Ideas that spread, win.”  Software is now about creating a tribe or otherwise achieving leadership of one.  Take AutoCAD, for example: it isn’t a product, it is a movement: we architects who use AutoCAD are here to change the industry away from using pencil&paper drafting.  You are either in the movement or opposed to it, because it is an existential threat to your business.

Seth Godin

Tell your sales representatives to call customers with low CHI [Customer Happiness Index] proactively and ask them what you can do to make them happy.  This simple technique saves 1/3 of canceled accounts, and is virtually free.

Dharmesh Shah

Quick tip when speaking to customers: “The most interesting people you will ever meet are the people who are most interested in you.”

-Paul Kenny

“The ineffective marketer asks you to buy too soon.”  A customer on their first visit could have multiple reasons why they are not currently prepared to buy your software:

Some words kill open rates if you use them in subject lines.  Reminder, Special, % off, and “Help [us]…” are all culprits.

Rob Walling

Oh, and once I’ve sorted out the landing page I’ll be finally be announcing the first Code Amplifier product next week sometime.

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