Rephrase – taking the pain out of game localization

I’m pleased to announce the first product from Code Amplifier.

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Rephrase – Localization data management

Rephrase is a server-based web application that provides change tracking and management for the localized assets in your game.

For publishers Rephrase means that localization can begin as soon as the developers add the assets to the server. Your localization and QA team can work on the assets while the game is being developed which saves you time as you localize in parallel to development. It also reduces any risk of slippage as the localization process is no longer tacked on to the end of development.

ForĀ developers Rephrase means you no longer have to worry about merging tens of Excel spreadsheets of localized data as it trickles in from many sources. You will always know if translations are out of date and need updating. Also Rephrase is designed specifically to be integrated into your tools pipeline. A comprehensive API means you can access and manipulate your data how ever you like.

For translators Rephrase means you can work from anywhere using the simple browser-based interface. Rephrase doesn’t want to get in your way so you can use your favourite translation tools and then add the results to Rephrase.

No set up required

Because Rephrase is a hosted web-application you will never have to worry about setting up and managing your server or ensuring that your users have the correct application installed on their local machines.

Sign up now

Rephrase can help you if you are an one-man indie outfit or a triple-A MMO game. We beginning our tests now so sign up and we’ll be in touch.

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