Who is Code Amplifier?

Code Amplifier is a new software company, we make tools for game developers.

We believe that often making games is too hard, too slow and too expensive. So our tools are designed to be easy to use and to save you time and money.

We are what is technically known as a microISV – a micro-independent software vendor. What that means is we have a small team, but we’re highly focussed on a making a couple of great products.

David EvansDave Evans – Founder

Dave Evans has been a programmer in the games industry for the best part of a decade. He started as an AI programmer but made the leap behind the scenes into tools work and never looked back. He was a founding member of the PlayStation Home team and was instrumental in bringing the Home Developer Kit to a large community of professional developers.

With strong feelings about what is right and wrong in game tools development, Dave founded Code Amplifier in September 2010 in order to provide great tools that make developers happy.