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Tools Team Test – 5 steps to better tools

This post originally appeared on if you have comments that would be the best place for them. Several years ago Joel Spolsky wrote about The Joel Test. A simple yes/no test you can use to measure the quality of a software team. It looked like this: Do you use source control? Can you make […]

All quiet on the CodeAmp front

Oops, haven’t updated recently? Bad Dave, no biscuit for you. What’s going on? Well as it happens I’m working very hard, just not on Rephrase. Rephrase is tantalisingly close to being a shippable product, but I was approached by a friend to work on something else for a little while. I’m working with a couple […]

Game Localization Survey

In order to make sure we’re doing the right thing with Rephrase. I’ve put together a questionnaire to get some idea of what is important to game developers in this area. If you work in the game development area it would be great if you could fill it in. It should only take a couple […]

Rephrase – taking the pain out of game localization

I’m pleased to announce the first product from Code Amplifier. Rephrase – Localization data management Rephrase is a server-based web application that provides change tracking and management for the localized assets in your game. For publishers Rephrase means that localization can begin as soon as the developers add the assets to the server. Your localization […]

1 for $5, 5 for $20

If it wasn’t enough that last week Eric Ries told me to stop wasting my time today I read a brilliant response on Hacker News to a developer who was depressed about the lack of attention for his brilliant ideas. You seem to have been terribly misled. Only very rarely do products sell themselves. 99% […]

Thursday Update

Friday, already? Wow, another week, that has gone really fast. Beautifully summed up by this tweet:!/zssz/status/27435575863 I don’t have much to talk about this week as I’ve been head down and coding solidly for the last five days. I’ve embarked on a large re-factor of the code which I knew I’d have to do, […]

The Office Revealed

Philippa and I moved house a couple of weeks ago and part of the move was to make sure I could have a productive work environment, so the house we’ve picked was chosen in part for the home office environment. Here are a couple of pictures of the state of the office two weeks in… […]