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Rephrase – taking the pain out of game localization

I’m pleased to announce the first product from Code Amplifier. Rephrase – Localization data management Rephrase is a server-based web application that provides change tracking and management for the localized assets in your game. For publishers Rephrase means that localization can begin as soon as the developers add the assets to the server. Your localization […]

1 for $5, 5 for $20

If it wasn’t enough that last week Eric Ries told me to stop wasting my time today I read a brilliant response on Hacker News to a developer who was depressed about the lack of attention for his brilliant ideas. You seem to have been terribly misled. Only very rarely do products sell themselves. 99% […]

How the Code Amplifer logo was born

I now have the final version of the Code Amplifier logo. You can see it at the top of the page. Beautiful isn’t it? I need to give a huge thank you to Adam Sullivan the super-talented graphic designer who created the logo for me. ┬áHe’s an enormously talented man. You can tell because he’s […]


Just discovered another well established competitor for the first product I’ve got planned ( announcement coming in a few weeks ). I’ve only found two direct competitors, but that has made me much more nervous, when I first started planning this I couldn’t find any information about people doing the same idea. However, as I […]

GDC Talk

I submitted a proposal to GDC earlier this week. We’ll have to see if they like it enough to let me do it. I won’t go into much detail here, in the hope that it get’s accepted. Suffice to say that it is about creating tools for game developers. Something that I’m not sure gets […]

Mission Statement

You may have noticed that the first post on this blog is quote from me. That’s a little pompous you probably thought. Well, yes, maybe, but I thought it was a nice way of starting the blog off with the company mission statement. When I first thought about starting a company I never dreamed there […]


Good evening and welcome, With six weeks to go before leaving my day job, the excitement of starting the new company has surpassed the urge to keep quiet and carry on with the day to day stuff. So the blogging is starting. So first off an introduction, my name is David Evans, I’m 32, I […]