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Game Localization Survey

In order to make sure we’re doing the right thing with Rephrase. I’ve put together a questionnaire to get some idea of what is important to game developers in this area. If you work in the game development area it would be great if you could fill it in. It should only take a couple […]

The Office Revealed

Philippa and I moved house a couple of weeks ago and part of the move was to make sure I could have a productive work environment, so the house we’ve picked was chosen in part for the home office environment. Here are a couple of pictures of the state of the office two weeks in… […]

Farewell, Sony

Today is my last day at SCEE London. It’s been a blast. 7 years that changed me from a green AI programmer to slightly jaded, but hopefully seasoned professional. SCEE London is a excellent place to work and the PlayStation Home team is a world-class collection of talent, working to create an innovative product. Despite […]

No GDC talk

Sadly, my GDC  ’11 talk wasn’t accepted for the next phase. Never mind, I’ll probably turn it into a few posts for this site. So hopefully the preparation I did will be useful. I don’t feel too bad knowing that I’m in good company with rejections.