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All quiet on the CodeAmp front

Oops, haven’t updated recently? Bad Dave, no biscuit for you. What’s going on? Well as it happens I’m working very hard, just not on Rephrase. Rephrase is tantalisingly close to being a shippable product, but I was approached by a friend to work on something else for a little while. I’m working with a couple […]

Thursday Update

Friday, already? Wow, another week, that has gone really fast. Beautifully summed up by this tweet:!/zssz/status/27435575863 I don’t have much to talk about this week as I’ve been head down and coding solidly for the last five days. I’ve embarked on a large re-factor of the code which I knew I’d have to do, […]

Thursday Night Update

Thursday is my blogging day, I’ve got a recurring quest in Epic Win ( 912 miles travelled, Level 3 skeleton thing, thanks for asking ) and I mean to stick to it. So weekly progress reports are going to be the default unless I get particularly inspired. Incidentally, for the rest of my schedule, Monday […]